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 Make or Do

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Make or Do Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: Make or Do   Make or Do Icon_minitimeالسبت سبتمبر 25, 2010 2:50 am

درس اليوم هو عبارة عن الطرق للتمييز بين كلمة make و كلمة do
فكثيرا من الأوقات نحتار في أي الكلمتين نتستخدم في كتابتنا خاصة أنه ليس هناك قاعدة تحدد استخدامهما.
لذا قررت اليوم ان يكون الدرس عن هاتين الكلمتين: متى تستعمل كل منهما؟
و أي العبارات التي تستخدم مع كل واحدة منهما؟ و طبعا مع أمثلة.

There is no specific rule to follow when talking about these two words make and do
But you can make use of the hints that will follow


We always use do to describe indefinite activities, often with what, thing, anything, nothing, etc
كثيرا ما نستخدم كلمة do لوصف أعمال غير محدد عادة مع كلمة ماذا
(what are you doing - ماذا تفعل) شيء ما، أي شيء، لا شيء

and generally speaking we also use do to talk about duties, jobs or leisure activities
عامة نستخدم do للحديث عن المهمات او الواجبات، الأعمال أو أنشطة وقت الفراغ

Do means to perform
تذكر دائما أن do تعني يفعل أو يؤدي

Here are some examples

do research =================== يقوم ببحث
do nothing ================== لا يعمل شيئا
do a favour ================== يصنع معروفا
do well ================= يفعل حسنا
do effort ================ يبذل مجهودا
do a job ================= يقوم بعمل
do homework =============== يكتب واجب (فرض)
do the best ======== يفعل الأفضل (اقصى ما بوسعه)
do harm =================== يؤذي
do good ================ يفعل خيرا
doing fine ==================== بخير
do / don’t care =================== يهتم / لا يهتم
do business ================ يقيم علاقة عمل
do homework ============== يكتب واجب (فرض)
do housework =============== يقوم بأعمال منزلية
do the ironing ===================== يكوي
do the dishes ================ يجلي الصحون
do a job =============== يقوم بعمل
do an exercise ================== يحل تمرينا
do laundry ================== يغسل
do the cooking ==================== يطبخ
do the shopping ==================== يتسوق
do your makeup ================= تضع مكياج
do your hair ============== تسرح الشعر
do your duty =============== يقوم بواجبه
do me the honor of==================== يشرفني
do your part =============== يؤدي دوره
do your share ========== تقوم بحصتك او دروك
do an experiment ================= يقوم بإختبار
do the trick ============== يقوم بخدعة
do a crime ============= يقوم بجريمة
do damage ================ يدمر
do drugs ========= يتعاطى المخدرات
do evil ============ يفعل شر
do right ========== يفعل الصواب
do wrong ============ يفعل الخطأ
do bad ============= يخطئ
do well ===== يفعل جبدا (يحسن عملا)
do your nails ============== يقلم أظافره

Examples in sentences

What do you do? I'm a teacher
I'm not doing anything today
He does everything for his mother
Do your work. Do your job
do a mile in four minutes
That's a job well-done
We do business with that company
I like my steak well done
I have nothing to do tomorrow afternoon. Let's go to the cinema
At the end of each holiday, I always think it wouldn't do me any harm
to have one more week off
All soldiers must do their duty
She's doing nothing at the moment
I always do my best
This has nothing to do with you
The British like to do business with the Americans
When there is no food to eat, everyone has to do without


We tend to use make when we are talking about constructing, creating or performing something
نستعمل make عادة للحديث عن بناء أو عمل أو أداء شيء ما

Make means create something that didn't exist
make تعني خلق شيءعمل شيء لم يكن موجودا

Study the following examples

make breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert = يحضر الافطار، الغداء، العشاء، التحلية
make a telephone call ============== يجري مكالمة هاتفية
make a mess ============ يقوم بفوضى
make noise, a sound =========== يصدر صوتا أو ضجيجا
make an appointment ================= يحدد موعد
make an asssumption =================== يفترض
make an attempt ============== يقوم بمحاولة
make changes ============ يقوم بتغييرات
make a choice ================ يختار
make a comparison =================== يقارن
make a complaint ================== يتذمر
make a decision =============== يأخذ قرار
make a demand ================ يطالب
make a difference ================ يعمل فرق
make an effort ============= يقوم بمجهود
make an exception ================== يستثني
make an excuse ============== يختلق عذرا
make friends ============= يصاحب
make fun of someone ================== يسخر من
make a judgment =============== يلقي حكم
make a law =========== يسن قانون
make a mistake ============ يرتكب خطأ
make an offer ============ يقدم عرض
make plans ============= يخطط
make progress =============== يتقدم
make a promise ================= يعد
make a request =============== يطلب
make a speech ============ يلقي خطاب
make a suggestion ================= يقترح
make time ===== يجد مزيدا من الوقت
make peace ========== يصنع سلام
make war ======== يصنع حرب
make a contribution ================= يساهم
make money =========== يجني مالا
make a profit =========== يجني ربح
make a bed ========= يرتب سرير
make a change/changes ============ يقوم بتغيير/ تغييرات
To make a list ========== يصنع لائحة
make a dress ========= تصنع فستان
make a loss ====== يقوم بعمل خاسر
make an apology ============== يعتذر
make advances ============= يتقدم

Examples on make

When I grow up, I want to have a job that allows me to make a lot of money
We would be very happy if the countries in the Middle East make peace
I shall make all the arrangements for you
The President made an excellent speech yesterday
I hate it when my little brother makes fun of me
I think the airplane leaves at 8 a.m., but you had better make sure

Do or Make Quiz

He ____ an excellent job at the meeting last week
May I ____ a telephone call?
Please stop ___ so much noise
She ____ her homework before she went to bed
Would you like me ____ you a cup of tea
I'm afraid you ____ (not) any good
Look at your room! You ____ a mess
It took him a long time ____ a decision
Do you mind ____ the washing-up this evening
We ____ plans for our next holiday at the moment
What ____ you ____? - Oh, I ___ (not) anything at the moment
I guess I can ____ an exception to the rule this time
What ____ we ____ this evening?
I know you ____ your best last week
I wish you ____ an effort on this exam

Thanks alot for reading this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful

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